Dentist video

Today with new and improved computers and the Internet making it easy to surf and quickly download a video to view on their computer. This has open has open the door wide for a very successful marketing tool in the form of the video. Many Internet surfers prefer to view a video for information rather than read printed text and images.

Today the majority of potential patients for the dentist are surfing the Internet to find a new family dentist instead of thumbing through the yellow pages to find a new dentist. Unfortunately the majority of dentist doesn’t realize how powerful the Internet is today. Due to inaction they are missing out on the benefit or gold mine for getting new patients for their dental practice. The dentist who is struggling to maintain a profitable practice during today’s down economy, and competition for local market share that’s increasing at a rapid rate with no end insight. The dentist to remain profitable must make wise marketing decisions, and advantage of new types of media proven valuable to his fellow dentist.

The video as an online promotion tool has been available for quite sometime to the dentist. The dentist video is instrumental for improving patient’s confidence, and encouraging new patients to schedule an appointment. The dentist can display his video on his website, and submit the video to other marketing sources where it can be seen daily by potential patients who are searching for a new dentist and deciding on a dentist to contract. This will give the dentist more exposure and increase the flow of new patients for his dental practice. The dentist can now effective and very affordably achieve all the benefits the online video provides.

Why should the dentist use video to promote their dental practice? Even with high exposure with search engines there’s one main problem that has to be solve. The problem is conversion. The main goal of the video and website is to turn potential patients into actual patients known as conversion. The average website is capable and will attract new potential patient; however, there’s limitation that text and image can’t achieve. The most compelling and persuasive written text cannot compete with audio visual presentation on video. Why is audio visual video more successful? The website visitor will only skims the text pages to only stop to read if their interest is peak; however, at same time they are willing and eager to watch a video. Why is video more effective than text pages? Most people are visual learners who want to be entertained which the video provides to the viewer.

The personalized effect of the video has a major positive impact on the viewer creating immediate trust. The introduction video engages the video viewer in in the trust process, instills confidence and inspires them to contact the dentist. The video aids the most timid or fearful potential patient make a decision in favor of the dentist. Once they meet the dentist face to face in a web video, the potential patient will overcome their fears and feel comfortable to schedule an exam or major treatment with the dentist. Instead of attempting to contact another dentist who they would have to see they will remain with the dentist where they schedule their appointment.